Are parts of your life becoming unmanageable…We can help!

Therapy Line provides quality counselling services for those who require solutions for lifestyle excesses or addictions.

We have many years experience working in the field of addictions and counselling. Working for the NHS, charitable organisations and private consultations, we have a wealth of knowledge in changing behaviours, utilising some of the latest advancements and techniques. This enables us to successfully meet the needs of those we work with.

Current research shows us that more and more people are experiencing difficulties due to fast paced lifestyles; many developing what are often termed “excessive appetites” for things like food, alcohol, shopping, alcohol, smoking or drugs. At Therapy Line we recognise that life can be stressful and at times overwhelming. Our service offers support and advice that can help you work through any behavioural addictions that may be affecting your life.

Therapy Line is a service aimed at professionals and organisations who wish to support their employees. We help to resolve lifestyle issues in relation alcohol, gambling, drugs, smoking, food, compulsive shopping, or any of life’s addictions, by providing:

  • Telephone Counselling
  • On-line Advice and Support
  • Face to Face Counselling (only available in Manchester)

If you are seeking help, advice or support, contact us now for a free telephone or on-line consultation.